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Teachings content

Master 2 EEA / ITEA

The objectives of the course are listed in the following table, for a total of 450 hours over 15 weeks. The table below summarizes the topics covered by each EU.

Workshop & Communication20 CM 10 TD 0 TP

Professional workshop (common with SPH)

English0 CM 30 TD 0 TP

Oral expression and comprehension, ENR vocabulary, CLES preparation

Posters, writing of activity reports; slide show for presentation

Sustainable development & CSR20 CM 10 TD 0 TP

GHG, Ozone depletion, energy issues

ENR solar, geothermal, PAC, performance ; comfort : lighting / acoustics (poly), air quality

Sustainable innovation & CSR20 CM 10 TD 0 TP

Stakes of eco-activities for the sector (intelligent building); economic approach of eco-activities;

Ergonomics and ease of use

Innovation and industrial property; accompanying companies in innovation; business incubation

Project0 CM 10 TD 46 TP

Academic Project

Project Management10 CM 10 TD 4 TP

Framing note, specifications, (planning, risk management)

Object-oriented programming6 CM 10 TD 14 TP

Object-oriented design, Java language; system modeling

Network programming10 CM 6 TD 14 TP

In Java: Message bus (MQTT/AMQP), Web programming (HTTP/HTML/Sockets), Web Services (REST)

Administration des réseaux10 CM 0 TD 20 TP

CISCO switch, Routing, Vlan, NAT; network security (sensibilitation);

Industrial Network System10 CM 6 TD 20 TP

Specific building networks: KNX, Lon, Bacnet, Dali, etc... The NFC l5-100 standard and its evolutions

Interoperability (Jace or domoov) Modbus, KNX, bacnet

Home/Building automation10 CM 0 TD 20 TP

Service design

Product logic / Service logic

Building Sciences10 CM 6 TD 20 TP

Building physics: Energy transfer (convection, conduction, radiation), thermal physics of the building in stationary regime; thermography

Modeling-Simulation6 CM 10 TD 14 TP

Scenarios by simulation of energy optimization (Simbad, CypeTherm Eplus, ...) energyplus

Operation and Optimization10 CM 6 TD 14 TP

Interop ; energy management, big data ; BOS & BIM

Embedded systems10 CM 6 TD 14 TP

Sensor programming (esp32), data recovery, REST/COAP/MQTT, Calimero/KNX

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