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Description of the platform

We have two technical platforms:

  • a home automation technical platform with residential space simulation. This technical platform/laboratory is at the disposal of students who use it to implement solutions as if they were in the field. It is not a teaching model, but a real piece of equipment that they learn to handle in order to be immediately operational in the professional environment.
  • a building automation technical platform with simulation of a tertiary space: the building automation technical platform is equipped with systems for managing openings, regulating lighting and video projection, enabling the simulation of a room in a tertiary type building. This space can be reconfigured to create a situation close to reality. It also serves as a training room.

The Beaulieu Campus is also a field for life-size experiments. In partnership with the DRIm (Department of Real Estate Resources), technological solutions can be tested on certain buildings.

Home automation and energy optimization: home and building automation equipment, including a part dedicated to energy optimization (heating management, lighting, ventilation, etc.)Featured Protocols: : KNX (Hager, ABB, Siemens, Jung, Theben,...), LONWorks, BACnet, Modbus, DALI, X2D, InOne, SCS MyHOME, RTS, ZWave, ZigBee, EnOcean, Control4, X10
Supervision: PCVue, Niagara, Wonderware, eibPort 3, Domovea
Active envelopes : Equipment enabling the use of solar automation systems, constant rate lighting management, etc.Motorized blinds and shutters, programmable logic controllers (Wago, Saïa-Burgess, Loytec), presence and light detectors
Smart Metering : Telemetry equipment to instrument buildings (consumption, air quality, etc.)Coronis RF sensor, WebDyn gateways, LEM modules (amperometric clamps), KNX, ZWave modules
Home care services: Devices for measuring the activity of people in residential areas for diagnosis and alarm generationVivago, DeltaDore, or Legrand Solutions
Diagnostics and Data Analysis : Portable computer for intervention on site. Hardware and software solutions for history and analysis of building behaviorLaptops, Thermal Camera,...
Analytics software : EfficaceEnergie, Wonderware, SkySpark
Smart-Grid / Micro-Grid / Self-Consumption: Hardware allowing the implementation of a complete system of self-consumption with storage. The whole coupled with other systems of Energy Management.Photovoltaic solar panels, Battery pack, Smart inverter, Thermal solar panels, Thermal storage tank, Heat pump, Heat exchanger, Floor heating

List of technologies:

KNX hardware (Hager, ABB, Siemens, Jung, Theben, Schneider...), Delta Dore, LONWorks, BACnet, Crestron, Legrand MyHome, InOne, Vity, Somfy, EnOcean, Zigbee, Zwave, Modbus, DALI, AMX, Control4, etc, Supervision tools (PCVue, eibPort, Domovea,...), Data analysis (SkySpark, Wonderware, EfficaceEnergie,...), Measurement sensors (T°, Humidity, CO2, Electricity, Water, ...), Coronis, LEM, Webdyn gateways, Thermal camera, PLCs: WAGO, SAIA-Burgess, Loytec.