Home & Building Automation courses at the University of Rennes1, Master and Licence Sandwich degrees.

Smart Home/Building automation at University of Rennes 1

Two sandwich degrees : Licence and Master

Two professional Sandwich Courses

For more than 30 years, ISTIC has been training students to become engineers in home automation, building automation or building management. Our training offer is structured around two sandwich courses:

  1. A bachelor's degree (Licence SPH) to train technicians and technical managers in cooperative work/study alternation context. This course trains professionals who sell, advise, install and maintain solutions and services in the home/building automation sector.

  2. A master's degree, ICT (Information and communications technology) engineering for eco-activities (ITEA ex DRI) which is a specialization of the Master EEA at ISTIC. This course aims to prepare students (in the second year) for engineering-level positions with skills in the design, integration and implementation of eco-technologies, both in the building sector and in the optimisation of industrial processes in a sustainable development perspective. This course is unique in France in this sector of activity, combining training for technical managers and engineers.

From the BAC+3 (High School Diploma), students have training and projects that allow them to work alongside professionals in the sector.

We are keen to work with foreign companies, although the courses are taught in French. Our students have a good professional level of English.

Technical Platform and Lab

Our technical platform allows students, technicians, engineers and PhD students to develop their skills in the major technologies of the field. Our equipment is multi-operator: KNX, Lonmark, Bacnet, Dali, enocean (ABB, Acelia, Hager, Jung, Loytec, Newron, System Pcvue, Saia-burgess, Schneider, Theben, Wago, etc.), but also Crestron, AMX, Control4 or X2D (Deltadore), Legrand's My home SCS etc.

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Smart Home/Smart Building automation

The home automation sector is growing rapidly at the intersection of the building, telecommunications and electronics sectors and new services for tertiary and/or residential housing ("intelligent building-housing"), whether tertiary (building automation) or residential (home automation), with a view to sustainable development.

The home automation sector of activity includes manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment, designers of building management system, telecommunication operators developing services for companies and individuals, integrators of ICT solutions to develop services for buildings, electrical installers for buildings, home automation companies, managers of building stock, local authorities, managers of specialised services (health, retirement, rehabilitation centres, etc.), etc.

Energy and functional performance of buildings, HQE operation, maintenance or hospitalisation at home, compensation for disability situations, etc., are all social, societal and environmental issues for which home and building automation technologies (based on ICT, Information and Communication Technologies) are expected (eco-activities sectors).

Professional integration throughout France and the world

The targeted jobs are related to the design and integration of information and communication technologies for the construction or renovation of buildings with a view to sustainable development: energy and functional performance, taking into account renewable energies, comfort and accessibility for all, air quality and health, new services for housing, whether residential or tertiary (knx, lonmark, bacnet technologies etc.).

The engineers or technicians trained to date are employed by manufacturers of electrical equipment,constructors of buildings' technical subsystems, telecommunication operators developing services for companies and individuals, integrators of ICT solutions for developing services for buildings automation, design offices, integrators, electrical installers for buildings, home automation companies, local authorities, managers of organisations specialising in health care, retirement, rehabilitation centres, etc...