Teachings content

Teachings content


The following table shows the programme's main teaching content, i.e. a total of 450 hours over a period of 15 weeks. The table below summarizes the topics covered by each course unit.

Marketing and Sales Module and English Module50 CM 50 TD 0 TP

Designing and selling a commercial offer, leading a team and networks of collaborators

Communication in English in a professional situation

Building Sciences Module and Home/Building Automation Module30 CM 30 TD 40 TP

Choose, install, configure and optimize energy control devices, take into account sustainable development to protect the environment

Supervision systems, BMS, security and VDI, home services (Mad Had)

Hardware Module & Networks module40 CM 0 TD 60 TP

Install, diagnose and perform maintenance on fieldbuses used in home automation

Interconnect devices via networks

Configure hardware and software

Professional Seminars and Optional Modules6 CM 10 TD 14 TP

Professional seminar

choice among : Integration Marketing (project management, business follow-up, ...)

University project and company assignment0 CM 60 TD 45 TP

Collaborative project in partnership with a company

Integration or commercialization

Home and building automation10 CM 0 TD 20 TP

Internship in industry; 32 weeks

Application for the LicenceSchedule